Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Check out all the fab workdesks at the Stamping Ground and see if yours is as messy or tidy as all those desks out there around the world!

Took this photo last night before we all headed out for a meal to celebrate my nephews 18th birthday, hence the card you can see on my desk :) Also had to make a quick card for a work colleague, whos birthday was today and I was only told yesterday, luckily had already got a LOTV image coloured in so didn't take to long to put the card together.

Started colouring in a Kenny K image on Sunday to enter their challenge 'Love You' but that is as far as I have got. Will hopefully have it finished before the challenge closes on Saturday!!

Hopefully my desk is a bit messier this week, have been told my workspace is way to tidy hehe, so am determined not to put anything away until I have a photo of a very very messy desk!

Off now to try and finish some cards for a few challenges, which so far this year I haven't managed to enter one! Will try and visit some of your fab workspaces, would love to get round everyones but there is already 135!! and our internet at work isn't working so can't even blog hop during my lunch break, it's like being cut off from the outside world!! only good thing is no email hehe

Have a fab week all xx


JoZart said...

Your desk is allowed to have a modicum of tidiness as long as it's creative so you pass!! There's certainly enough going on there.
If you really are interested in the HangAbout fabric buckets check out the instructions on my blog around 28th Dec.
JoZarty x

S said...

That card looks darling.

Rhonda said...

Nice tidy desk. Thanks for sharing. Your card looks very fab! Happy WOYWW! #11

——>Katie Bolinger said...

"am determined not to put anything away until I have a photo of a very very messy desk" it's good to set achievable goals.

lisa said...

You are a very tidy organised crafter. I wish I could be more so, it's so frustrating hunting under piles of stuff. I shall have to take a leaf out of your book. Hope the 18th Birthday was a huge sucess and your LOTV card looks beautiful.
Hugs Lisax

Vicki B in OP NY said...

So much going on and yet so tidy. Tell me how to do that - mine looks like an earthquake hit! lol Your cards are beautiful...would love to make such beauties.

fairy thoughts said...

yup, i think it is official a very tidy desk.but your cards are lovely so who cares! thanks for your nice comments on my blog, it doesn't matter how much rom i have i always work in an A4 size area. . . doh!
see you next week

xxxtglxxx said...

Still tidy then! :) I am the same, I cant create in chaos..... but it seems to follow me around.LOL. :)

Today, for example, nice n' tidy, cleaned the room ready for action, and then had to pull everything off shelves and out again just to find my small dies!.. tut. :D Sounds like I need a few of those magnetic folders!

Hope we get to see that cute little card in the picture - it looks so cute.



Tracey Brossart said...

Beautiful card and that Kenny K image you colored in is stunning! And yes your desk is very tidy, compared to

Thanks for the peek! :D


Susan Allan said...

Good luck with the challenges..I like that card in blue. Tidy but not too tidy is best, you have just about got it right.
Sue xx 67

Tertia said...

Beautiful card. I am afraid your desk is still way too tidy!
Tertia 88

Nicky said...

Love your tidy desk I to am a tidy crafter and cannot craft in a mess makes me cross lol - love the cards you have made dont you just love those last minute ones - have a great week keep tidy ~ Nicky 45

okienurse said...

Very nice. Lots of fun things. Just tidy enough to find what you need and messy enough to show you are having fun!

Kezzy said...

Brill card. Your desk still looks very organised I wish I could keep mine like yours lol

Julia Dunnit said...

Well I'm so late that I guess your desk is now just a pile of stuff!! No, didn't think so! Love your colouring skills. Your desk being tidy is a good thing - we only mention it because we're incapable ourselves!