Friday, 13 May 2011

Who Rolled back Blogger?!!

It seems last night Blogger went down for some sort of maintenance and I ended up losing my WOYWW post some of my comments and can no longer access any of the posts in my followers list that were posted 1 day ago, which is a little annoying as I spent a good hour last night blog hopping ....grrrrr...... going to see if there are any comments anywhere about it, want to make sure it's not just me that has gone wrong hehe


xxxtglxxx said...

your Grrrr made me lol!

I would be less polite!
I did the same as you, spent a good hour blogging and catching up with commenting on 3 DT's and visiting my blogging pals, and all gone...... :(

tut :)

Lorraine said...

Wasn't it a pain? Still half the stuff hasn't been restored.